Fresh Giants Video

Video Production

Do you need a single camera operator for a corporate event or a small crew to film a branded video? Partner with us to produce any corporate or commercial video.

Post Production

Partner with us to produce your branded video from start to finish. Services include video editing, transcribing, graphic animation, and voice over.

Video Marketing

Let us reach your target audience together! We can help you reach your target audience with video advertising on Facebook or Youtube.

our work.

What Clients Say.

Sarabeth McAuliffe, Chief Marketing Officer
Family Credit Management

“We came to Fresh Giants to create a video for us to reach potential clients and let them know who we are. Ken and his team worked with us from conception to the final product taking our ideas seriously while also using their creativity and know-how to create a video we could be proud of.

We would use Fresh Giants again in a heartbeat and would definitely recommend them to others. Thanks again!”

Ray Savich, Marketing Director
Cambium Networks

“Fresh Giants is our first choice for live video work. Whether in the office or on customer locations, Ken and the team are easy to work with and get great results.”

Neil Holman, Dean of Education
Lake Forest School of Management

“Working with Ken is a breeze! He is very talented and comes well-equipped to deliver excellent video. We have used Ken's services for high-visibility training projects for clients that were seen by hundreds of employees. I recommend him highly.”

Keith Bates, CMO
Keith Bates & Associates

“Ken, I've had two major occasions to use your services and both were
exceptional. Your prospective customers should know that you are a lot more than a videographer, you are a brilliant creative director.”


Ken Gumbs, Video Producer