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Fresh Giants isn’t just a camera crew, we are a small creative agency working in video. We can help you research and strategize to find the right approach, produce a great video, and target your audience online.

Most ‘video companies’ define success by the size of the video budget, we define success by the size of brand growth we see as a result of our video budget. Its a branding agency mentality without the big price tag.

Fresh Giants is a perfect solution for new and mid-sized businesses that are serious about growing their brands with video, but need to be cost effective with their marketing budgets. 


Meet Fresh Giants

Ken Gumbs, Founder


I approach video campaigns like a business owner, because I am one. Video is a great tool for brand growth but it needs to be strategic, budget conscious, and highly creative. Those are the kinds of projects my team and I produce. We would love to help build your brand with video.

We start with a goal. Web traffic, sales, social media presence…whatever our clients need. We build video campaigns that help our clients reach these goals. We are more than a camera crew and video editors, we are marketing partners.

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%chicago video%chicago marketing



We research branded videos in your niche to discover what concepts and strategies create the best results.


Our creative team helps film and edit a video that will help your reach your audience.


We help you find your audience online with social networking and advertising solutions.



Check out a few of our videos



Allstate Good Hands TV

Artists and Brands

Chicago Boxing Club

Family Credit Management

Allstate Goodhands TV


American Home Shield

Meeting Tomorrow


Chicago Innovation Awards


What our clients are saying about us

“Working with Fresh Giants was great. Not only are they knowledgeable and talented, they have a ‘make it happen’ attitude that transforms any production challenge into a non-issue.”

“Fresh Giants is a complete solution to your business problem. They know how to get the job done, bringing their expertise to the table at every touchpoint and working hard to understand your unique business.”

“I thank you profusely for your superb work on creating the video. Absolutely flawless in production!”

“Fresh Giants has been a creative partner for Chicago Innovation Awards for many years. They are the best. The team continues to impress us each year with their creativity, ability to translate ideas into tangible form, and their top-notch skills behind the camera.”


A Few Of Our Awesome Clients


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%chicago video%chicago marketing
%chicago video%chicago marketing
%chicago video%chicago marketing

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%chicago video%chicago marketing
%chicago video%chicago marketing
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