Archive for November 30, 2010

Legal streaming of live television content on your computer or phone has been a dream for most consumers for years.  In the past for you to obtain television content a costumer would need to either go to the content providers website (CBS, NBC, ABC) and watch the videos directly, go to a third party website […]

In the next few years you will hear the term ‘cutting the cord’ more and more often.  This will refer to the decision most of us will make in the coming years whether to get rid of their home cable and opt for internet only TV.  I personally am an early adopter of many technologies, […]

If you haven’t noticed Google’s venture into television, let me fill you in.  Google wants to sell you their Google TV device, a small unit that allows you to connect your television to the internet.  So you can now search streaming videos online from sources like Netflix all while uploading a host of apps from places […]

Whenever we talk to a client about hosting a video we produced for them, the question always comes up about youtube.  ‘The client will ask if they should host the video on YouTube or on their website.  90% of the time the first reaction would be to host it on their own site.  Clients think that […]

The thing I love about video and social media, is that anyone can stumble onto something truly amazing everyday.  Somewhere in the world someone is making content that you want to see, and once you find something special it really changes your internet experience. That happened to me today when I saw this- a video […]

We at Fresh Giants hear it all the time.  A client comes to us with a new product or service and they want a video to promote the video.  And not just to promote to their customers and maybe convert a few new costumers along the way, they want to go VIRAL.  They’ve seen the […]