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If you hadn’t noticed yet, Bing has been having a pretty good couple months. When compared to the market share losses in the phone, MP3 device, and even home computer markets over the past several years, it is promising to see that Bing is gaining a bit of ground on market leader Google. I personally […]

When Shorewood, IL based plumbing accessory company MJSI, Inc. chose Fresh Giants as their creative and video distribution company, they knew they were getting the most for their marketing money. And that’s not just because we here at Fresh Giants work for peanuts, Diet Coke and hearty pats on the back. The HydroRight is a […]

Before you hear about it online or offline from one of your friends, let me be the first to clue you in on the next big viral marketing campaign out of Hollywood. Steven Spielberg¬† and J.J. Abrams has teamed up to produce what looks like this summer’s first blockbuster called Super 8.¬† The movie takes […]

YouTube announced last week that they are finally going Live. After tipping their toes into the world of live streaming video in the past it looks like they are finally ready to offer live streaming services for the masses. Up until now, live streaming video has yet to reach its full potential in the media […]