Ken is the founder of Fresh Giants. He works on strategy, creative production, and marketing of videos, websites, and new brands.

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Looking for a simple and easy to understand guideline to pricing a video production in Chicago? I thought you might. Video pricing is usually the first question we are asked at Fresh Giants Video, so I thought I should make a quick cheat sheet that you can take to ... Read More
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So your company decides that they would like to produce a video. Maybe its an advertisement for Youtube, maybe a interview, product demonstration, or even a testimonial. You’ve decided the video is valuable enough to produce, or else you wouldn’t be producing it…but how much should you spend on ... Read More


photo courtesy of We’ve all heard that content is king, but what video content does your company need to take the crown? Every business has competition and needs to differentiate itself from that competition. Video has become a key component for brands to showcase their value proposition. So what videos ... Read More
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1. Heat No one wants to cook under a hot light for an hour. Some professional videographers will prefer to use fresnel lights (that get very hot). This is usually for two reasons: They have purchased fresnel lights and want to use them They will claim ... Read More