You want to make a video for your company. Awesome! Video companies do not use flat rates or cost-per-minute models to determine costs. If a producer is going to determine the budget of your video, they will need to know these 5 things. 1. How long is the video going to be? WHY – ... Read More


  You hire a video crew to do some interviews in your office. They show up with a giant crate of lights and spend an hour setting up before the first shot begins. You might wonder why all these lights are necessary, and you might even wonder how much these ... Read More


Viral videos may be fun and sexy, but evergreen videos are what get results. So what is an evergreen video? Evergreen videos last forever (like the trees). They may take awhile to catch on but they keep growing years after initially creating the video. Viral videos are fast growing but quickly die (like ... Read More


  Growing up in a working-class family, my mother had to stretch every dollar to get from one paycheck to the next. So like many penny-pinching homemakers she bought in bulk. Every few weeks there would be a trip to Aldi to stock up. Planning and buying in bulk is ... Read More