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  After 10 years of producing videos in Chicago I have seen the industry revolutionized by technology. I have also seen clients make the same mistake again and again. While cheaper cameras have brought down the overall cost of production, clients continue to waste time and money on their video productions. Why? Strategy. The scene goes […]

If you haven’t seen the Geico/M&M brand mashup ad on TV take a look… Ask yourself, is this an ad for Geico or M&M? Who paid for these ads? Was it an even split? Both brands share the same advertising agency, so certainly a financial collaboration could easily have been worked out. But can this […]

Youtube commenters are bad. We always knew this but finally someone conducted a study to show exactly how awful they are. A study was done recently comparing the same TED Talk videos on Youtube and TED Talks own website. The statistics were alarming and sad. 72% of comments on the TED website were related to […]

The big conversation that has been going on for the past few months among most social media marketers has been the decline of exposure on Facebook Brand Pages. Take a look here if you haven’t read it yet.  Posts from brand pages have been displayed to fewer and fewer people…why? Money. Since Facebook went public […]

One of the key components to improving search rankings on Youtube is watch time. That is the amount of time that someone actually watches your video before they click away. Youtube has an incredible amount of videos uploaded every day into every category and tagged with every keyword imaginable. So how does Youtube rank them […]

As video began exploding online in the mid 2000s the most common form of video ads were pre-roll commercials. Viewers generally hated having to sit through an entire commercial in order to watch a single video clip. Video publishers were trying to recreate television broadcasts online with only mixed success. Then Youtube made the brilliant […]