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As video began exploding online in the mid 2000s the most common form of video ads were pre-roll commercials. Viewers generally hated having to sit through an entire commercial in order to watch a single video clip. Video publishers were trying to recreate television broadcasts online with only mixed success. Then Youtube made the brilliant […]

Remember when Youtube was the place where 13 year olds watched Disney-produced pop stars and adorable cat videos? Remember when Youtube was nothing but a place for middle schoolers to waste time while not doing their homework? Well those preconceived notions of Youtube being a database of entertainment for teens needs to end. has […]

For those who don’t know, I read the ReelSEO blog pretty religiously. I think they are a great tool for anyone who wants to know more about the video and how it can help grow businesses. There was a post today about some video tracking tools that I was completely unaware of, and I think […]

You just spent time, money, and manpower on creating an awesome branding video for your product. It is great, funny, creative, and tells the audience everything they need to know about your amazing product! So you upload the video to YouTube, put in a description and lots of tags and you sit back, kick up […]

Everyone wants to be popular.  Everyone wants to put a video on YouTube and instantly have heavy traffic, lots of hits, and a bunch of new leads.  But the path from a new video with just a few hits, to a highly popular and profitable video can be a long and time consuming one.  Clients always […]