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For the past 18 months, Myspace has desperately tried to reinvent itself. With a relaunch into ‘social entertainment’ Myspace is trying not to become the AskJeeves of social networking. And the next venture for Myspace is into television. When I heard about Myspace TV I immediately went to Youtube to see if there are any videos […]

As customers continue to cut their cable subscriptions for online streaming video alternatives like Hulu and Netflix, one major obstacle remains for most customers…streaming sports. Most leagues like MLB, NBA, and NHL offer streaming packages for around $120 a year, but NFL’s package is currently priced around $350 a year, making it too expensive for […]

My dad was never much of a ‘tie guy’. He never wore a suit to work and I can count the number of formal events my family has been to on probably one hand. I blame him for my total lack of tie tying skills. So whenever I have any question I go to the […]

YouTube announced last week that they are finally going Live. After tipping their toes into the world of live streaming video in the past it looks like they are finally ready to offer live streaming services for the masses. Up until now, live streaming video has yet to reach its full potential in the media […]

For anyone who haven’t seen Hell Pizza’s innovative 2010 advertisement, let me share it with you now. Hell Pizza is a New Zealand based pizzeria with some creating ‘cutting edge’ branding.  They have certainly used their youth oriented, rock star branding to create a lot of buzz in New Zealand, but with their new viral […]

Word from CES is that Comcast is going to finally give this Fresh Giant blogger a reason to own a tablet PC.  After countless debates with friends about the silliness of the too large for your pocket too small for you lap devices, Comcast became the first major content provider to propose a real game […]